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We have worked with several other firms and are never as satisfied with the end product as we are when we work with foTYPE. We continue to come back to foTYPE for recurring and new projects. Any client foTYPE engages with will not be disappointed with the work that this firm provides.

Casey Graham Founder - The Rocket Company
Marketer of the Year 2013

The team at foTYPE goes above and beyond to pack The Hive Church's web presence with purpose. Not only does foTYPE produce design pieces and web tools that look great, but their work also helps us accomplish our mission as a church. We are grateful to have foTYPE as partners.

Aj Rankin Elder - The Hive Church

Chad and his rock star team at foTYPE helped us introduce ourselves to our new neighbors when we relocated our 40 year old church into the a new side of town. foTYPE not only envisioned what needed to be done but they also had the skills to pull it off! They are highly talented and very current! Partnering with foTYPE is one of the wisest choices we've made.

Rodney Richard Executive Pastor - Northwood Church

Working with foTYPE almost seems too good to be true. Their talented and diverse team works to meet & exceed expectations and deadlines. I've never heard them say "no, we can't do that". I wish more companies were as cooperative and supporting as the team at foTYPE. If you're looking for a creative firm that "gets it", look no further.

Kyle Whitcroft Special Events Coordinator - Water Missions International

We have been pleased by the responsive and creative nature of the foTYPE team and their willingness to go above and beyond in our partnership. They have worked to create a modern website and design pieces for smpl., powered by South Carolina Federal Credit Union, that allows us to connect with our target 25-and-under audience. Chad and his team have worked to anticipate our needs and turn requests into realities, providing a LifeSimplified™ experience.

Rebekah Pieper Public Relations Team Lead - South Carolina Federal Credit Union

We've had the privilege of working with foTYPE since it's inception, and we truly get a sense that it's more about relationship building than "doing business." LoveGave has a vision that we can accomplish more together than we could on our own, and foTYPE has been a HUGE part of seeing that come to fruition. Not only are their skills and product offerings off the charts, but they get the importance of Kingdom work. It's almost as if God is shaping their story to align with ours.

Mike Fessler Executive Director - LoveGave

We have absolutely loved working with foTYPE! From the very beginning, the foTYPE team has not only done an amazing job with everything they've produced for us, but they've helped us understand and realize what we really need. The communication and responsiveness have impressed me again and again. I also really love the team approach where we get to use the different talents and creative perspectives from the foTYPE team to get the very best product when it comes to message graphics, print materials and web design. My favorite part of the process is seeing ideas early and getting a good sense for the direction we're going in each project so that we can continue to be part of the creative process on our end.

Jenn Williams Pastor - Ashley Ridge Church

@foTYPE is one of the best companies out there.....no joke....

James Galloway Worship Leader - Ashley Ridge Church

Love getting to work with @fotype.

Ashley Hair Creative Director - Seacoast Church

I love working with foTYPE. Not only do they kick out awesome web sites, but they're awesome people. Their creativity and vision consistently take my projects to the next level.

Kevin Herr Church Program Director - Water Missions International

I would have to say that the relationship with FoType has been most impressive. Listening to Chad tell his story about not only what he does, but why. And then having him listen to our story and hear our heart for Crosstowne was very important to me. And to top it off, our website looks great and it's functional and easy to navigate and edit.

Mandy Fisher Communications & Ministries Facilitator - Crosstowne Church

I've worked with a lot of webdev companies, but @foTYPE puts them all to shame. They do what they say, when they say it.

Justin Brackett - @JustInTheSouth Digital Communications Director - Seacoast Church

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