We know its hard to design, create and maintain beautiful Brands, Websites and Apps

That’s why we do it for you!

What We Do!

New Websites

  Marketing Websites
→  eCommerce
→  Custom Blogs
→  Portfolios
→  Website UX And UI
→  Subscription Platforms

Website Support

→  SEO
→  Text / Photo Edits
→  Technical Support
→  Better Loading Speed
→  No Webiste Down Time
→  Keyword Creation

Mobile Apps

→  Hybrid Apps
→  iOS Apps
→  Android Apps
→  App / Website API
→  B2B Software
→  Saas Applications

Building Brands

→  Naming
→  Logo Design
→  Verbal Identity
→  Brand Messaging
→  Brand Strategy
→  Brand Implementation


88% of online users won’t return to a site after a bad experience

* Forbes

What Some of Our Clients Say…

“Not only has their work been great – FOTYPE is great to work with. They’re always willing to help us explore ideas and figure out the best way to move forward creatively…”

Jackson – Marketing Manager, Radical Mentoring

“I love working with FOTYPE. If I was pregnant, I would ask FOTYPE to deliver the baby…”

Kevin – Water Mission

“Man, I love the FOTYPE team. Professional, experienced, and most importantly, creative.  Counting down the days until my next opportunity to collaborate with their team!”

Laura – CoFounder, Dogtrot

Some things we’ve created…

Fotype Adventure Image
Fotype Big Green Box Logo
Fotype I Heart My Tribe
Fotype Echoes Album Logo
Fotype Fully Funded
Fotype Squirrel Image
Fotype Doughtnut
Fotype Worship Logo
Fotype Fully Funded
Fotype Squirrel Image
Fotype Doughtnut
Fotype Worship Logo
Fotype Fully Funded
Fotype Squirrel Image

You need help but we didn’t build our website?


• Need to update content or images, we got it.
• Tired of your website being down, we can fix that.
• Monthly hosting cost, we include that.
• Need better SEO, we got you covered.
Broken functionality, no problem.
Need new features, of course… let’s chat.

More About Us!

FOTYPE was founded in 2007 and has spent the last 15 years working with many organizations both For-Profit and Non-Profit from all over the world.

FOTYPE is a Full Service Creative Marketing Agency that provides a variety of marketing services including web design, app development, PPC, SEO, branding, graphic design, print design and marketing strategy services.

What started as just a Graphic Design studio in 2007, quickly became much more. Our office quickly filled up with team members and interns and the next thing you know, we were creating cutting edge brands, websites and Saas platforms for dozens of companies internationally.

Fast forward a few more years, and FOTYPE becomes a leader in designing and developing native apps for their clients. Many of which are in the Apple and Google Play stores today.

And still today we find ourselves creating incredible brands, websites and apps for all kind of markets and industries. We do this by creating brand new websites from the mockup and design stage all the way through to the final development stage or we develop strategies and support the digital projects that you already own.

We take pride in being able to design and build from scratch but, we also love making what you already have better!

Although most of our team is now remote, FOTYPE proudly calls Charleston SC home.

Let’s build something awesome together.